Liz Oakley Productions

Meet Liz Oakley

Liz Oakley is an award-winning filmmaker, writer, producer, and director who tells stories that inspire action. Her first feature-length documentary, Sentencing The Victim, aired on PBS’s Emmy-award winning series Independent Lens and was the driving force that changed South Carolina law.

Liz has presented her work to the US Department of Justice and at conferences and festivals across the US and Canada. Her work has aired nationally and internationally and been viewed by people around the world – from government decision makers in China to SporTV fans in Brazil.
When you discover they've moved your shoot location to the marsh, improvise!
An Oklahoma native, Liz is a Charlestonian at heart – as at home in cowboy boots as she is in flip flops. Which is not so different from her professional life, where she’s as comfortable in an industrial plant as she is in a Bordeaux vineyard. Really.

For Liz, it’s all about people with real stories – and discovering the best way to capture, inspire, and transform the world with them.