Liz Oakley Productions

"Liz assisted our firm in connection with a medical malpractice case that settled for over $28 million after mediation.

Her work was a critical part of our demand package and our ability to credibly and persuasively present the value of our case to the other side."
Perry M. Buckner, IV
CASE: $28.5M Medical Malpractice Settlement

Legal Films that Change Lives

When you bring the real life of the plaintiffs into the room, you can truly make a  difference.

Moving legal films that tell the human story behind the tragedy.

Day-in-the-Life videos are POV documentation of your client’s daily struggle. An invaluable tool when it comes to mediation and the best way to reach a jury. 

Put faces to names, and tell the story of your law firm in a relatable way.

As an award-winning filmmaker, writer, producer, and director, Liz Oakley understands how to craft a story that inspires action. When she turns her lens toward those impacted by catastrophic personal injury or wrongful death the result is powerful and persuasive. Whether it’s a Day in the Life video or a Settlement Documentary, Liz Oakley Production’s unique brand of story-telling is praised by law firms and litigants alike, delivering millions in added value at mediation and trial.

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Settlement Documentaries

Settlement documentaries are game-changers when it comes to preparing for trial and mediating your case. Show the humanity hidden in the case files and all those legal documents. These videos essentially allow you to bring the real life of the plaintiff into the room to verify the damages and let the defense know you are ready for trial.  

Liz Oakley Productions is a master at producing videos that provide insurers, mediators, opposing counsel, juries and judges with a factual account of damages in a way that translates into higher settlements and winning verdicts. 

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“Liz is amazing at helping witnesses quickly feel comfortable talking to her and sharing their incredibly difficult stories. Her productions draw you in to the case as she builds the narrative in a professional, compassionate and compelling way.”
Jamie Lebovitz - Cleveland, OH
Case: Boeing 737 Max Crash -
Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302
“Liz provides powerful presentations that convey truth and drive value. She is the best in the business.”
Bettis C. Rainsford, Jr.
DOUMAR | RAINSFORD Attorneys at Law

Day in the Life Video

ADL’s aren’t that impressive on paper but through the lens of a master storyteller these daily tasks can make all the difference in supporting your civil case. 

We know how to tell a story with images in a way that stays with those who view it long after mediation or trial. With over 20 years of experience in civil lawsuits, Liz Oakley’s passion for justice and craftsmanship as a storyteller has led to millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts.

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"Our case was a very complex probate matter and the story difficult to tell. Liz harnessed the power buried in dozens of hours of video depositions and thousands of pages of supporting materials. Reviewing the final production was like watching an episode of 60 Minutes. Powerful…succinct…and very effective."
James R. Gilreath
The Gilreath Law Firm, P.A.
“Liz provides powerful presentations that convey truth and drive value. She is the best in the business.”
David Yarborough
Yarborough Applegate, LLC
"She has a magic way of capturing people as they really are… she’s a master at it."
Mark Tanenbaum
Mark C. Tanenbaum, P.A.

Lawyers are people, too -
a winning approach to promoting your firm.

These simple and short videos give potential clients or co-counsel a reason to call. 

Ambient Video for Legal Websites

We are serious about cinematography, making you look good and introducing your firm with iconic imagery.
For instance, check this out

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