Liz Oakley Productions

Charleston International Airport​

CHS needed a video to promote their incredibly successful TRIP initiative and the beautifully redesigned Charleston International Airport.  I have to admit, before researching this project I had no idea just how important an aviation complex can be in terms of the growth and economic health of a community.  I know now!  Bravo CHS!

Claflin University - Imagine the Possibilities​

We love spending time with our good friends at Claflin University. They always have a great story to tell!

Sun Dog Cat Moon​

In the words of Dr. Horton… “it’s not always Black and White.” Medicine can be challenging, especially when the patient can’t tell you exactly where it hurts.

It can be hard to be the new Doc in an established practice. We were charged with introducing to Horton, her style and extraordiary skill in finding the right path to wellness for the animals she treats.

Rose & Vine Tour​

Rose and Vine tours is not your average tour comapny. As an american living in Bordeaux, France, June Galy entertained many of her friends and family who wanted a “tour de June” of the region.

Wood It Be Tree Service​

No matter what the profession… passion shows. Passion matters.  Meet Aaron and Stefanie MacDonald.

Endorsement Series for

Three videos. Three customers. Three ways the YourCrawlspace system is working for clients in the field.
"The video was a huge success and has helped us explain our issue to numerous lawmakers, regulators, and other important audiences. Liz’s skills as a producer are first-rate."
Kevin Moran, Director
Pine Chemistry Panel - American Chemistry Council